Monday, December 04, 2006

Fluff Goes to Washington: Dispatch from DC Trip

washington monument

Little Sassy Schmoozer went to Washington, DC, for a business trip a few weeks ago. Fluff came along too. Monday morning, Fluff and I were able to sneak off to do a bit of sightseeing. Here are the highlights. Answers to the previous Fluff Quiz appear below.

Capitol Building

Capitol Building

Fluff and Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

from lincoln memorial

View of Washington Monument
from Lincoln Memorial

Fluff and Abe and Some Tourists
Fluff and Abe

IRS Building

Fluff and the White House
White House

GAO Office
GAO Building


National Public Radio Building

Answers to Fluff Quiz the Fourth!
Dive and Fat Sparrow did exceedingly well on this quiz, and they’ve tied. Hangar Queen did very well too. Kav’s one answer was correct. Robyn and Knudsen made me laugh. Well done, everyone!

1. In one of the above photos, Fluff is pictured with an Ape (pronounced ah-pay). What does Ape mean, and why is the name clever?
Ape means a bee. An Italian friend of my sister’s said with a chuckle that it was made by the same people who make the Vespa (meaning wasp) and wasn’t that a funny play on words.
2. The David in the photograph is a replica. Where is the original?
David resides in the Galleria Accademia in Florence. Pollution and a crazy foot fetishist are to blame.
3. To what did the title of E.M. Forester’s A Room with a View refer?
Specifically, it referred to a room with a view of the Arno in Florence. Dive and Fat Sparrow’s wonderfully literary answers put the question to shame.
4. My sister and I stopped in a caffĂ© in Florence in the afternoon. A man walked in (not American) and ordered a cappuccino. The bartender wouldn’t give it to him. Why?
Believe it or not, the man was Italian. Seriously. He wasn’t an American, nor was he a Brit (sorry, Dive, I saw countless English people order up afternoon cappuccinos in Rome). No one in Italy drinks milky coffee in the afternoon. Somehow the whole incident made me feel a bit better.
5. Italian boxed wine. Discuss.
Well I for one was horrified. I know that boxed wine is supposedly moving up in the wine world, but I still find it incredibly tacky.

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Kim Jong Il said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Knudsen said...

Did you see anyone famous buying crack?

Taihae said...

what was the comment deleted post, sassy? I always get so damn curious when i see those.

This fluff thing is a mystery. Such a powerful image, but no clue why. I feel like theres some deep social commentary at work, but i couldnt tell you why

dive said...

Oooh. Tied up with Fat Sparrow!
Nice to see Fluff bigger and mightier than the White House, and even old Abe.
And nice to see the home of NPR. I get Prairie Home Companion and the Writer's Almanac on line over here and have quite a stash of their merchandise. Wonderful people.
And talking of Washington, I went to sleep last night to the wonderful news of Bolton's ignominious departure.
Yaay to you guys for taking back the Senate. That was better medicine for my poor sick head than any amount of pills. That guy was criminally insane.

Sassy Sundry said...

Alas, Knudsen, I saw no crack purchases. Perhaps it was because I was out in the morning, but who knows. I did see a take-out place called the New Big Wong, but no crack.

Taihae, it wasn't me who deleted the post. Perhaps Knudsen said something he was ashamed of? In this particular case, I'd say that the government is Fluff.

Dive, I do hope you are feeling much better. The news about Bolton was wonderful, wasn't it? The guy's an embarassment. Not as big of an embarassment as W, but still. I'm not sure who W'll nominate to replace him, but at least he's gone.

dive said...

Damn right, and yippee to that!

Robyn said...

I wasn't surprised by Bolton's leaving--I forgotten his appointment was temporary anyway.

I loved the photos--The Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorite spots--there's something about standing inside and reading the inscriptions out loud. Is there no Washington quiz?

Sassy Sundry said...

Robyn, I love the Lincoln Memorial. There's just something about all of the events that have taken place there that have left some kind of spirit there.

I didn't do a quiz this time, because I'm out of trips. I have a few random photos, but nothing else. Besides, this wasn't a vacation (I didn't do a quiz for the What the Fluff? Festival either). Sorry to disappoint.

Carissa said...

You really saw a take-out place called New Big Wong?!?! Where's fluff's picture with that?

I think that definitiely beats What the Pho? in Washington (the real one).

dive said...

Yikes! That clock's um … "tastefully festive", Sassy.

Sassy Sundry said...

I didn't have Fluff with me. I have a photo of the place (it was dark, and it didn't come out very well). Perhaps I'll post it.

I like the cherries, Dive. Perhaps I'll change it.

Robyn said...

I like the clock, and its title. Isn't it funny how we each choose a different style? Hmm--it's like a sociology experiment.

Old Knudsen said...

I made dirty remarks about dipping my lad into nice cool fluff and then having a young gurl........well i deleted it, lost forever. I would put up a clock but I get confused as to where I am supposed to be most of the time;)

Sassy Sundry said...

Robyn, I'm glad you like it. Not everyone's mind is in the gutter.

Knudsen, thank you for deleting your previous comment.