Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sassy Needs

I got this idea after checking out Jamesey-Ones. Here's what you do: Google your first name (in this case, I’ve done Sassy) and the word “needs” and share the first ten hits.

Sassy Needs:
Aunt Sassy needs to be re-cast.

All Sassy needs now is a loving family with a home.

Sassy needs to have answers to all the questions. (I like this one!)

Sassy needs to recall this item and make some adjustments.

Sassy needs a foster home.

Sassy needs her disc.

Sassy needs a little somethin more intellectual than that! (Like a “g” on “somethin”)

Sassy needs you.

That's all Sassy needs is more shots of wild, unbridled anarchy.

Sassy needs to be finished before the Nantucket trip at the beginning of September, as I'd like to have some pics taken of us on the beach.

So, what do you need?


Robyn said...

What a weird thing. I did the same, but I'll confess to skipping one or two that were too...um...unfitting for my otherwise pristine site.

The Hangar Queen said...

I gave it a whirl and it was really sad.
Heart transplant,kids AND animals waiting to be adopted and a letter from a man to his wife as they set course for divorce.
Maybe I should have gone with another name?

dive said...

Mine were all about snorkelling!
I put in my real name and got some good ones but I won't be posting those …

The Swearing Lady said...

Apparently, I need braces.

This is what I get for having the same first name as Homer Simpson's oldest daughter.

Sassy Sundry said...

Bah, Robyn. Let 'em rip.

Oh no, Hangar Queen. Perhaps you could try "Hangar needs"?

I know, Dive. Had I done my own name, it would have been much more bland.

Welcome, Swearing Lady (or should I say Lisa?)! Sorry about the teeth. Perhaps you could whiten them too?

Dear Prudence said...

K, mines done. It was kind of fun. My real name wasn't so interesting.

ali said...

Mine sucked. I typed "Ali needs" and it was all about Laila Ali (you know, the boxer?)and some Ali that needs HIS passport.