Monday, March 05, 2007

Lost in the Dollar Store

This past weekend found me up in Portland, Maine, visiting one of my dear friends. As we weren’t feeling overly energetic, we decided to go to the dollar store for adventures. My peals of laughter probably disrupted everyone’s shopping experience while we were there, but I think you'll see what set me off. Here are just a few of the wonderful items I spied.


Tell me this doesn’t sound like a social disease

Banana Twins
Somehow the word “soft” doesn’t really seem to belong here.
I kept wanting to shout "Activate!" in honor of the Wonder Twins

Patriotic Spray Cheese
For all your patriotic spray cheese needs

Faux Spam
If Spam is faux meat, what is faux Spam?

When I think of dew, I always think of margarine from 1963

Sweet Love
Chef from South Park has cooked up a little something
for those “not-so-fresh” days


dive said...

Scrunge … Ew! Kinda like a brand name for Knob-cheese …
And Banana Twins! Wasn't that a porn film?
Cheese Zip? See number one above …
Oh, God! Luncheon Loaf? Hee hee. Everyone's looking over here to see what all the giggling is about. Dew fresh marge? Ew!
Sweet Love, disposable douche?
You have just SO ruined my lunch, Sassy.
Hee hee hee and hee again.

Before Girl said...

Sounds like the Dew Fresh margerine and the Sweet Love douche were both made by the same company.

Sassy Sundry said...

My mind wound up in the gutter and didn't come up for air. I thought of wang cheese, too.

Before Girl, it would have been even better if the margarine had been made by summer's eve.

Carissa said...


Vic said...

and there I was thinking Scrunge was a descriptive name for a cloth for scrubbing gungey bits (without my mind in the gutter, thanks - gunge being dirt).
You guys are so much more interesting.