Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Celebrity Skunk Water

During my early morning news surf (I feel so Point Break saying that) I came across this little article about the proliferation of celebrity perfumes. From Elizabeth Taylor to JLo, it seems that everyone who is anyone has a signature scent—and they want you to wear it.

I, for one, am thrilled that the little people can feel famous by dabbing on celebrity skunk water. I just think that we need to open up the field a little bit more. If you had a perfume or cologne, what would you call it? What would it smell like? Is there a celebrity out there who deserves a place in the department store olfactory pantheon? Let your creativity run wild.

Signature Scent for Keanu Reeves—Substance D
Citrus blended with sandalwood,
with subtle undertones of patchouli and bong water
Wear this scent and you know Kung-Fu and feel Minnesota


dive said...

I have no sense of smell and if a girl wears perfume it just tastes like paint or petrol to me, so please excuse me from this one; I'd be kinda lost.

Sassy Sundry said...

You are excused.

Robyn said...

Oh I love sandalwood. I have a collection of sandalwood candles that I like even without lightening them. Nothing sweet or acidic. So something subtle and natural like sandalwood--and I'd call it "what the heck is that wonderful smell? follow me down the street." I don't know what I'd call it actually. I have trouble with titles.

Kav said...

The funniest name I ever heard was from The Simpsons, when Troy McLure was talking about releasing his own scent: Smellin of Troy.

xmichra said...

I am in *LOVE* with the new JLo Live Luxe. I wear it daily (and at eighty bucks a bottle, that's an expencive habbit!).

But I still think Tori Amos should make one. No doubt the bottle would be different and the scent i would imagine to be something of cotton candy and strawberry swirls.

Sassy Sundry said...

I love sandalwood too, Robyn (that's why I allowed Keanu to have it---but I had to temper it with bong water, because he is a bit daft). And I think your title is perfect.

Kav, that's hilarous. Would that be a scent to launch a thousand ships---going the other way?

Xmichra, I have heard that the JLo stuff is yummy. A Tori Amos perfume would be complicated and sexy as hell.

My scent for blogging purposes would be called Dirty Little Secret, and it would feature Amber and perhaps sandalwood, with a bit of bergamot. The perfume I wear currently is called Pink Sugar, though, and it makes me smell like candy.

Conan Drumm said...

A Miss Paris Hilton who is not known to me but is apparently a "celebrity" visited these shores during the week to launch her personal 'fragrance'. I imagine it's called Eau du Hautel, or some such ritzy name, and smells of old anchovies.

Fat Sparrow said...

I wear "Paloma Picasso," myself. Can't stand most perfumes, and am allergic to a whole load of them.

There was one I used to wear that just smelled like roses, though, called "Roses." Can't find it anymore. I do love the smell of roses.

Way back in the day, when department stores used to just have dumb whores stand out in the aisles and spray you with the latest schmaltz without asking you first, I got sprayed. I also immediately broke out in hives, and had a very bad asthma attack.

Needless to say, I got a hefty gift certificate from said store, along with an apology.

Not too long after that, they started asking people if they wanted sprayed.

Sassy Sundry said...

I hear you on the allergy front, Fat Sparrow. I have to be very careful with the scents. As a result, I piss off most of the slightly-less dumb whores they have working the perfume counters these days.

Paloma Picasso does smell lovely. Nice taste.

Fat Sparrow said...

Thanks. For a venom spewing whore, I am surprisingly classy.

Anonymous said...

Is Yeti Real?

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