Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tacky Holidays

My family values the art of giving the boobie prize. Rather like participants in the Tacky Gift party (which, sadly, did not happen this year, due to my friend’s freak beauty parlor accident, requiring pins in her wrist—now that she’s recovered, I’m thinking about throwing a re-gifting extravaganza in January), members of my family relish obtaining something hideous, wraping it up beautifully, and bestowing it upon our loved ones.

This year, I went with the holiday food basket. On a run to the supermarket, I spied Spam with Bacon and just couldn’t resist. I got quite a few curious looks when I placed these fine items on the belt.

Tacky Food

I then wrapped them up like this and placed my gift under the tree.

All wrapped up

Since I often bring home the good food for the holidays, my parents didn’t suspect this basket. The pork rinds got an especially hearty laugh. The folks plan to re-gift the love by serving up these goodies without comment to my sister and brother-in-law when they celebrate late Christmas with them.

And, lest you think that we confine the fun to gifts, behold the Christmas Hand.

Christmas Hand

One year, my father gave my mother a hand cookie cutter in her stocking. The next year, she dutifully used it, and a hand appeared among the gingerbread people display. We now demand its presence. This year it looked especially creepy.

Aren’t you glad I don’t celebrate the holidays with you?


Manuel said...

That's just brilliant....I made the mistake once of saying I like shortbread at a family event. Every year since then I get boxes and boxes of the stuff....part joke part cheap present....

dive said...

A freak beauty parlour accident! Woohoo! That is so ripe with comedic possibility, Sassy.
You simply MUST have a tacky re-gifting party.

Moxie? Hee hee. Spam with bacon? Ew! Pork rinds? Delicious! I love those things!
And I want a gingerbread hand! That is too cool!
What a wonderful Christmas, Sassy.

Medbh said...

The hand is totally Tim Burton-esque.
That spray cheese isn't bad when you're camping.

zirelda said...

You could be pretty damned fun Sassy. I once sent my brother a small box of Nutter Butters. Boy did he have a field day with that.

Roxy said...

Errmmm... Well... You'd fit right in around my clan.

Maria said...

My sisters and I pass around a pair of small doily like things that one sister got from her MIL and wasn't sure what to do with. We call them "the nipple warmers" and eventually we all get them. I haven't had them in awhile, though. I need to be on the lookout.

I want a Christmas hand so damn bad.

Terroni said...

We did a dollar store stocking exchange this year. My brother got me super glue, plastic spoons, and a mop.

Before Girl said...

You've got to explain the freak beauty parlor accident.

I can't wait for the decapitated head cookie cutter to come out.

I just saw "Sweeney Todd" and now wonder if they should make a cookie cutter set based on the movie.

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