Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seeing John Malkovich

So on Sunday, I went to the Bazaar Bizarre, an annual alternative craft fair (I believe one of the mottos is “No cozies without irony!”) I’ve attended a few times over the years. At one of the booths, I moved in to look at a bizarre ware just as this guy swung around. He sort of bumped into me and muttered an apology. “Oh, no problem. Excuse me,” I said and looked up at him. The guy was John Malkovich. In our brief moment of eye contact, he saw the gears in my brain turn, and he shot me the biggest Don’t You Dare look. I shot him back a Don’t Worry look, eliciting a half-smirk from him before he went along his way.

A few minutes later, I spied him wandering about again, as did the crafters at the booth I was at. One of them observed, “Dude, that guy totally looks like John Malkovich.” His co-crafter said knowingly, “It IS John Malkovich. He lives in Boston.”

“Oh yeah. It’s him. He bumped into me,” I confirmed. For a moment, the crafters looked at me like I was the famous one. Don’t You Dare.

In other words, I got Malkoviched by Malkovich on a Sunday afternoon.


dive said...

That outcools my being knocked over by Susan George, Sassy.
Did he buy anything, by the way?

Scout said...

Ooo, very cool. He's a little creepy, but it's still very cool. Did you buy anything?

Fresh Hell said...

Wow! I have an ugly sexy crush on John Malkovich.

I wish you had given warning that the bizarre bazaar was last weekend. After you'd mentioned it before, I wanted to go but my head is so far up my own arse that I don't notice when these sort of things are in the works. Drat!

Manuel said...

not a fan tbh.....

AliBlahBlah said...

I trod on Stephen Hawking once. He was behind me in a movie line, and I accidentally backed in to his wheelchair. I know, practically famous. For the record he did not type 'oww, move bitch' in to his computer.

Maria said...

I am so impressed. I would have tried to do the same thing. I just like it that he excused himself, like um...a normal everyday kind of guy.

But, then...well...I am one of those strange women who find John Malkovich to be very, very sexy. I like the bad boys or I suppose, the sly ones.

Medbh said...

Awesome. Always play it cool, Sassy.
He has quite the menacing cranium.

Conortje said...

Hey how cool! I hope I get to bump into you some day :-)

Sassy Sundry said...

Dive, I don't know about that. I think knocked over is way cooler than a little jostle, no matter who it is.

Scout, I collected some cards, but nothing screamed BUY ME NOW! As for the famous one, he didn't look creepy, but then, I didn't mess with him.

Fresh, I feel bad. I had thought that the fair was on Saturday, and I only realized my mistake Friday night. By that point, I figured that everyone had plans. I'm sorry!

Manuel, that's OK. I still like you.

Aliblahblah, you win. That is way cooler.

Maria, he IS sexy. He just is. I think it's something about the voice and the arrogance. I didn't get the creepy, but I didn't mess with him, and it was the afternoon.

Medbh, I wouldn't have dreamed of it. That look spoke volumes.

Conortje, I hope I run into you, too.

Andraste said...

I know that "Don't you dare" look so well. There's also the "Please don't" look and the "let me get past you before you realize I am who you think I am" look.

I once saw Cam Neely in the airport. At first I got the deer in the headlights look. "Does she recognize me?" and then, after I gave him the half-nod that signifies both recognition and an agreement not to do or say anything to draw attention to him, the pleased, relieved, "thank you" look was all the reward I needed. I was with two men who did not follow hockey and wouldn't know a famous pro athlete if he pounded them to dust.

That was funny.

zirelda said...

Yeah, I could have got into that. The closest I've ever been to someone famous was seeing Jerry Lewis in Walmart. Really. Ha!

Before Girl said...

Dude, where is this Bizzare Bazzar? Website? Times of year it exists?

oh and yeah, john malkovich. eh.

Before Girl said...

I once saw Stephen Wright at the local Sears. I've also seen the kid who played the youngest Anakin Skywalker at a parade in Disney. Oh, and I got to meet Jim Rose and the Enigma. Yeah, go ahead and look them up. I dare you. :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... it's difficult even to comment! so no comments at all this time :)

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