Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time Slips Away

In the words of Willie Nelson, “ain’t it funny how times slips away.” Today Sassy Sundry Thoughts turns one. What a great experiment. I know I have not posted much lately, and I’ve commented even less, but I am enjoying this immensely. Thank you for reading. Thank you for posting. This is a blast.

OK. Time for an update about the time that slipped away from me. Some of the time has slipped away in delightful ways, but mostly I’ve just been drifting, adjusting, and trying to figure things out. Here’s what I’ve been up to since last time.

First things first. I met Devin! Oh, the lovely, lovely Devin. She flew into Boston to go horseback riding with her wonderful friend C and suggested a meet-up before her equestrian adventure. When faced with Krappy Koffee as the only option at the airport, she and C had another adventure—driving to Sullivan Square to meet me at the T. They did great.

Devin and C with Fluff on Da Orange Line

When I met Devin, it was meeting an old friend. Hugs and smiles all around. From Sullivan, we went to Newbury Street (ladies who brunch must brunch on the fashionable street). There was much catching up and establishing the “real” details of our lives over mimosas and Bloody Marys (Devin—“See. My drink comes with salad). The only weird thing was that it wasn’t weird at all to be sitting there chatting away with someone I’ve known only in cyberspace. Devin has inspired me in her blog, and she is even more inspiring in person. She’s also hilarious. We laughed a lot.

After brunch, we wandered among the beautiful people (and savaging their outfits—clear bra straps be damned!) and into the public garden before heading back to the T. If meeting blog friends will always be this much fun, I’m game. Bostonian bloggers, I suggest a meet-up somewhere.

Fluff with Devin and I

As I mentioned, life got a little strange on me. The evening after meeting Devin found me at a watering hole (not one in my immediate locale—so don’t think I was doing this at one of the bars I’ve described here), having a couple of drinks while reading my novel. “Excuse me,” this adorable young man said, “Would you mind if I joined you?” Well, we got to chatting, and we really hit it off, despite the TEN-year age difference (he was the beauty). One thing led to another, and well… (*sheepish grin*) At least we didn’t make a scene in the bar.

How does one not crack up when someone says sincerely, “Wow. You really have your life together” upon waking up hungover on a Monday morning after scandalously little sleep with a boy one picked up in a bar in one’s bed? I’m crediting the hangover. I don’t think I have it together at all, but I really needed the distraction.

It didn’t last long. No sooner had I finished giggling over the “Boytoy Incident” with friends that I heard from McI. He invited me to his next gig. Now I’m sure that he was just being nice and friendly, and in a way I’m glad that he invited me, but you know. Seeing his name in my inbox threw me for a loop. A very painful loop. I didn’t respond, which might not have been the best thing, and I didn’t go, which definitely was the best thing, but both were really hard. I would like to be his friend someday, but I just can’t right now.

More time has slipped away with a few entertaining online-dating prospects. None of them have the butterflies fluttering. I hate this phase. It, too, will slip away someday, and someone will excite me.

In other news, I’m really enjoying having a roommate. She also lives for brunch, and we’ve had a great time checking out new spots. Last week, we espied this sign after particularly filling meal.

We vowed to work out more.

Roommate also plugged in the cable, and we spent a very hot Friday evening on the couch sucked into reality television. America’s Next Top Model is strangely hilarious, and inexplicably addictive when presented in marathon format. Now that I’ve connected with my culture, I’ll be very content to remain ignorant of it for the next several years.

So that’s how my time has slipped away. The world goes on around me. Rove’s gone. Gonzales is gone. I’m nearly thirty four. And my blog is now one.


dive said...

Happy Blog-Birthday, Sassy!
And what a great way to celebrate:
meeting a blogpal, travelling with Fluff and getting laid.

I missed you so much; especially when Rove took a dive. Welcome back to the world.

And yes, what is the point of those crappy see-through plastic bra-straps?

Fresh Hell said...

Welcome back. Life has taken me away from the blog as well lately.

You cheap harpie! Getting chased around by boys and taking 'em home, no less! Scandalous!! I'm so freaking jealous.

I'm in for a Boston Blog meetup.

Conan Drumm said...

Hurray, you're back, and you've had some fun, and now you're 1! Congrats!

The rats and sinking ship analogy seems apt for the US administration right now.

Conortje said...

Happy blog birthday dear. I've missed you an awful lot. Looks like you and Devin had a great time. I don't know any Dutch bloggers to do a meet up :-(

Robyn said...

Happy blog birthday, Sassy. And welcome back!

Hey, I have seen that Next Top Model marathon--that's some amazing television, that is.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back sass, good to see you. xoxox

Vic said...

Welcome back, mate!

I agree, meeting other bloggers is awesome.

As for post-breakup pickups... I went home with a bloke after my last major one. Don't feel bad.

Medbh said...

Happy blogiversary, Sassy. Love the pictures and it looks like you women had a blast about town. I think Mcl was a jerk for contacting you so soon, btw. Good you didn't go.

Before Girl said...

I think you did the right thing in not responding or going to McI's thing. He's jerking you around.

I'm not familiar with the one nighter thing...do you stay in touch with that person or no?

BTW CBD can't do anything to you with spector123-it's mostly farce.

Elizabeth Penmark said...

Welcome back, Sassy. Missed your brand of humor.

Maria said...

God, doesn't it feel grandly odd and weird to wake up from a one night stand (or was it more?).

I do hate that moment when you must suck in your gut though and wisp off to the bathroom trying to look sweetly wicked instead of simply strange while you take the bed sheet with you.

If it sounds as if I have done this a lot...I haven't. Except for one two year stretch in my mid thirties...

And I recall that it was kind of fun.

Happy blog birthday!

Mme Benaut from Adelaide Daily Photo said...

Happy blog birthday Sassy. Great photos and great to hear that you're mixing some fun into the tribulations of life! Hugs to you.

Sassy Sundry said...

Aw shucks. You guys still like me.

Dive, thanks. I've missed you too. Aren't those bra straps the worst?

Breaks are necessary, aren't they, Fresh? And, yes, once in a while, a woman has to cut loose. Hee hee. Let's plan a meet up.

Thanks, Conan. Your metaphor fits.

I've missed you too, Conortje. Sounds like you need to get more Dutch people to blog.

Robyn, isn't it totally addictive? Neither one of us could believe that we spent precious hours of our lives watching girls strive to become MODELS. Honestly, though, it was too funny for words.

Great to hear from you Kate. Have you done the photo?

Thanks, Vic. Post-breakup hookups seem to be the way, aren't they? I didn't have one after the last breakup, but this time it just seemed necessary. I don't feel bad about it.

Thanks, Medbh. I thought it was odd that McI got in touch again. Roommate said that hindsight is 20-20 and that he looked back. Unfortunately my eyesight improved too.

Before Girl, he wanted to get together again, but he was only in town for another week (he's back at grad school now), so I just said no. Sometimes you can make something like that work, but most of the time it just doesn't.

Thanks, Elizabeth. I've missed you too.

Maria, I pretty much just get up. I have a robe for the bathroom (I do have a roommate---thank god our rooms are far apart and we have another door separating us!), but otherwise, I just figure they've already seen everything. That's me.

Thank you, Mme Benaut. Hugs to you, too.

dive said...

They cut into my shoulders so I don't wear 'em.

Robyn said...

Dive, they cut into everyone's shoulders. They were designed by men, I'm sure.

zirelda said...

Happy Blog birthday.

I've met a couple of online friends. It is fun.

Portly suits? How funny is that?

Old Knudsen said...

Yay! blog pals and hot sex, sounds like a normal day to me.
happy blog day.

The Hangar Queen said...

Welcome back...now can you please tell everyone I was not keeping you prisoner in my cellar. :)

It's much too crowded down there for you anyway.

Sassy Sundry said...

Plastic bra straps are from Satan.

Thanks, Zirelda. The portly suit thing had me in stitches.

Thanks, Knudsen. I'll be visiting soon.

And, everyone, Devin didn't lock me in the basement. She even offered to kill my ex boyfriends, should we run into them. Devin has my back.

Manuel said...

belated happy blog day. Typical bloody waiter, late with the cake...

Anonymous said...

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