Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Fun with Craigslist

This time around, my roommate search on Craigslist seems to be going better. I have two people coming to see the apartment this week, and both of them seem like they would make good roommates. I have received a couple of crazy responses, like the one from a fifty-seven-year old woman currently residing in a hostel. She'd like to have "friends" over. Overall, however, things are looking better, and so I’ve had to seek out Craigslist entertainment from other sources.

Instead of perusing the
personals, this time I’ve checked out the employment ads. The following are from the “writing/editing” section.

Private Eyes—They’re Watching You
Established private investigative agency seeking full time or part time Admin Assistant to proof and edit reports, provide support to field investigators etc. Position can have flex hours, and opportunity for advancement in investigations and related job descriptions. Fun and interesting enviroment.

Can you just imagine the reports that I would proofread for this outfit? Skullduggery galore. I’d get to edit reports drawn up for husbands, convinced that the lady of the house is no lady. Or, those created for desperate wives, seeking proof that their husbands are off banging the secretary. I wonder if they’d let me edit the photo captions? “Subject, in throes of passion with secretary. Note the hickey on her left breast.”

Perhaps I’d even get to edit reports on corporate malfeasance. I wonder if they work for the Mob (the Post Office, perhaps)? A fun and interesting “enviroment” indeed.

I’m a Blogger—I Know Hip
HerFabLife is the Internet's newest lifestyle community for young urban women who are interested in the latest fashion styles, newest restaurants, nightlife, stores, and events in and around where they live. These young urban women want to be in the know of the hippest styles to wear, trendiest restaurants, bars, events to go to with their friends.

We're looking for a few freelance writers who can contribute on a weekly basis to the editorial success of HerFabLife. The target audience is young urban women between 18-25 year old who resides in a major metropolitan area. The topic of interest that you're writing must be relevant to this target audience. This position is ideal for part-time/freelance writers, bloggers, stay at home moms, students, working professionals who want to earn extra pocket money. Please browse around the site before applying so that you get a sense of who we’re trying to target.

I checked out the site, and I think I’m going to apply for the job. I know when the next Harry Potter movie is coming out. I know when H&M has sales. Justin Timberlake may have already graced us with our presence, but I think I can come up with a few other pop stars to titillate this young, fab woman. I might not be a stay-at-home mom, but I am a blogger. Trendy is my middle name. I wonder if they’d be interested in private investigative pieces.


itinerant said...

Haha - playing one of the other would truly be funny! Good luck with the roommate search too.

dive said...

Young Urban Woman?
Sometimes I'm glad there's an ocean between us.

Conortje said...

I think I'd make a grand PI - I can be quite nosey when I want to be - often find myself eavesdropping on conversations and I don't even realise I am doing it. I would definitely need a proof reader too though as I can't spell for nuts! Let us know how the potential housemates turn out (make sure you find out their musical tastes).

Robyn said...

I have trouble seeing how a stay-at-home mother can write to relate to a young woman about town--but maybe I'm just being limited in my scope of imagination.

Sassy Sundry said...

Itinerant, I'll let you know.

Sometimes I'm glad, too, Dive. Hee hee. You know me. I'm so living the HerFabLife.

Conortje, we could set up a PI firm. We could cash in on our eavesdropping prowess. I will find out what they listen to, of course. I once had a roommate in college who was really into Air Supply. I always ask now.

Robyn, that was the part that made me howl. Stay-at-home moms always know the best places.

Old Knudsen said...

The target audience is young urban women between 18-25 year old

Mine too.

zirelda said...

mmm, no young (in her freaking mind) rural women huh? That would rule out this aging, flower child, so not trendy, newly blond, non traditional but oh so powerful woman.

Although it would be fun to work in an office with PI's.

Maria said...

I say apply for both jobs. In one, you could unleash your inner Nancy Drew. In the other, your inner Barbie.

And get paid!

Good luck with the roomie. The best roomie I ever had was my random college one. The second I walked into the room, I knew it would work.

I wish that life worked that way.

Conan Drumm said...

Hmm, yes I can see it... Sundry PI, fashionista by day - sleuth by night. "That colour is sooo last season, you wife cheater!"

Medbh said...

I think most of those sites are actually written by old men like Old Knudsen. Be careful of Craigslist because it's full of freaks. Think about telling the potential roomate that you want a 30 day trial period to see if it works out.

Rich said...

I’m looking for a room to rent to set up my meth lab. I would need to install cameras for surveillance to watch who is coming and going. Also I would need to cut out holes in the floor to hide my lab tools and supplies. A rug should hide any defects in the floor.

And a few more things - we would have to keep the shades drawn 24/7 any light can damage my material and thus affect the quality of my product. I hope you don’t mind a lot of foot traffic. If things go as planned there will be a lot of people visiting on a daily basis.

Sassy Sundry said...

Knudsen, I think you reach your target audience just fine.

Zirelda, I think I could write for rural hippie women just fine, but they don't tend to use the web. The whole PI thing is intriguing.

Maria, I just might. It would be fun, and I think they're both part-time. So far, so good with the roommate search. I have one more person checking the place out tonight, and the guy from last night seemed OK.

Conan, doesn't that just sound like fun?

Medbh, I think the posts are written by people Knudsen writes about.

Rich, wanna come check out my place?

Anonymous said...

Dang Sassy!

I want the private Eye job! If they're in Seattle, you've got competition!!!!!

I approach all things on Craiglist with a healthy dose of suspicion though.
Take Care!

Rich said...

I would love to check it out what time?