Saturday, June 23, 2007

Craigslist Date: A Recipe


1 Part Feeling Pissed Off at Certain Someone
1 Part Moxie (the nerves kind—not the drink)
1 Part Killer Band
1 Part Willing Guy
1 Part Hearing from Certain Someone Right before Date
Several Parts Alcohol
1 Part Getting Backstage after Show
1 Part Cab Ride
1 Part Honest Discussion of Why Date Is Taking Place
1 Part Fooling Around (not THAT)
1 Part Amusing Discussion this Morning
1 Part Getting Home
1 Part Hearing from Guy to Make Sure I Got Home (he really is very sweet)
1 Part Realizing that I Am in Love with Certain Someone and Not Wanting It to End
10 Parts Feeling Incredibly Guilty and Like I Made a Huge Mistake
1 Part Not Feeling Guilty
1 Part Crying Jag
1 Part Giggle

Shake and Serve. Might cause confusion.


dive said...

Wow! The "L" word!
Sassy, I'm sure that whatever you it will be right.
Glad you enjoyed the gig.

Sassy Sundry said...

Thanks, Dive.

Medbh said...

More detail, please, Sassy.
You're glossing over the good stuff.
No need to feel guilty. Who knows what he's been doing?
Hope you had fun on that rollercoaster.

Maria said...

Well, I feel sort of the way I do when I watch Lost. Like, I kind of get the gist and suspect that I know what is going on, but I could be wrong too.

And I just want to keep tuning in to see what the fuck is going to happen next.

Terroni said...

Huh...I think this dish would be good with a Shiraz.

zirelda said...

Aw gee, I go into a funk for a week and look what happened. Damn if it isn't Mercury.

Sassy Sundry said...

Medbh, I'll provide more details when I can sort it all out. Good word---I am on a rollercoaster. I'm going to see McI today, and I just don't know what to do.

Maria, I think you've probably figured it out.

Terroni, cocktails and Shiraz. That would pretty much make the evening complete.

Zirelda, I'm sorry you've been in a funk. Damn that stupid planet. Why does it have to be my ruler?

Conan Drumm said...

Hi Sass, time to have THE chat you postponed, and if he's not thinking long term... :(

Robyn said...

MIGHT caught confusion? You are indeed in a tough spot, but I would shake the guilt and be honest with the certain someone.

Fresh Hell said...

Along the same vein as something you once recommended to me... just tell him you are all-in. A Certain Someone will be a fool not to realize that he's got a sweet slice of sassafras in front of him. And if he IS a fool... run fast and hard and never look back. Clear as I can tell, guys know what they want from you pretty early on.

After all that, I second what Dive said.

Andraste said...

Guilt is a useless emotion. Get rid of it. You've got nothing to feel guilty about. McI was unavailable and silent. What are you supposed to do? Sit around and be bored, and miserable wondering what's on his mind?

You went out, had a good time, met someone fun...end of story.

If McI wants to pick things up and be there, he's got to make that choice. If not, a girl's got a right to date tapas style.

Rich said...

What's going on with you - Too much to drink maybe? crying and getting all emotional what are you a girl or something?

Miz Minka said...

Sassy, I agree with Andraste -- since McI was "incommunicado" you have nothing to feel guilty about, IMHO. Unless y'all had agreed to only date each other exclusively. But what's done is done, and maybe it is time for The Talk. Good luck!!!

Auntie Scotch said...

By the time I post this comment I am sure that the guilt has long been forgotten! If not, re-read Andraste's thoughts. That is the sucky thing about dating when you are semi-attached to someone else - it can go either way, i.e. make you realize there are other fishies out there or send you running back (I'm kind of in the same situation right now). I commend you for getting out there to begin with, you've got alot of moxie, girl (and not the drink kind!)!

The Hangar Queen said...

Good for you on all fronts.You are acting,doing,being and living and doing a good job of it.

The minute you have "The Talk" with McI your relationship will change anyway so maybe it is time to lay all cards on the table.

Oh..and guilt goes in the waste disposal....we don't recycle it here.

Anonymous said...