Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No Bad Feelings or Regrets . . .

Psycho Kids

Alpiner Kuntsverlag Hans Huber, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Nothing warms the cockles of my heart so much as finding a kitschy treasure. I scour flea markets and bazaars for little pieces of tacky delight, and sometimes I find gold. One of my prized possessions is this postcard, sent in 1965 from the Netherlands to a certain Marty Shulman of the Bronx.

I bought the postcard for the sweet, drunken young blonde things in their Alpine splendor, but when I got home, I flipped the card over and realized that the true gem was the message from Joan and Martin to their friend Marty.

Psycho Kiddies Postcard Back

It reads as follows:


Dear Marty,

We are having a good time getting drunk every night on wine so that we can hardly get back to the pensione. However, there are no bad feelings or regrets in the morning, as we scourge ourselves of these sins by spending our days looking at everyone’s religious paintings.

Write + come to see us soon.

Joan and Martin

P.S. You can come now as we have rugs on the floor

I can add nothing further except to wish you all no bad feelings or regrets in the morning!


Vic said...

Oh Sassy that's brilliant!

I've been searching for a cure for hangovers for years, and there it is.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful - I might have to start collecting old postcards :-)

Anonymous said...

I actually really love this - priceless!

dive said...

Ah, those crazy Dutch people with the rugs on their floors.

That postcard is truly scary on both sides, Sassy.

Sassy Sundry said...

Vic, I aim to please. Just go and look at the Blessed Virgin, and all will be well.

Conortje, they really are priceless! I bet you could find some "interesting" postcards from the US lurking about Europe.

Scary it is, Dive, scary it is. And hilarious.

Maria said...

That is so priceless. I have a few postcards like that as well. I collect them for what they say on the back, though, not for the pictures on the front.

And I love that photo. I always feel a bit lurchy whenever I see a photo of a little boy who has a man's face already. Sort of freaks me out.

Scout said...

Oh, hee hee hee. And the same to you, young Sassy.