Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I’m Baaaaaack (Well, for about Ten More Minutes)

Ugh. Little Sassy Schmoozer dragged me off to San Diego for a conference, and she didn’t let me go anywhere. I was able to fit in a few moments with Fluff in the Gaslamp Quarter, but that was it. What an exhausting trip. Successful, from LSS’s point of view, but exhausting for poor me.

My connector flight from Denver was delayed by over three hours, two of them spent on the plane. Originally, we were told that it was due to a mechanical problem, and we were grateful that the airline wouldn't send us hurtling through space in a broken tin can. Later, however, it came out that we were parked at the gate for hours because an unoccupied seat in first class was a bit “dirty.” Our pilot decided to pull a publicity stunt by delaying the flight until corporate headquarters cleaned it up. He handed out fliers and encouraged passengers to contact the media. If he’d handed one to me, I would have delivered this story, Don’t Fly United Airlines: They Suck. Thanks to a dirty seat, I was stuck next to a chatty real estate agent for nearly six hours. Fuck the dirty seat, I wanted to go home.

What that flight delay means for you is that you will have to wait for the few Fluff photos and the story of my brief fling with McNeighborBoy. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a rerun, the story of
my freakshow Thanksgiving.

Off to New Hampshire, for a quiet (I hope) holiday. Happy Turkey, or as I call it, Happy Vegetable Pigout Day! Back soon.


Fresh Hell said...

Glad you made it back safely in spite of all the bumps along the way.

Have a great holiday! Lets grab something cold and refreshing when you come up for air.

dive said...

Hello, stranger.
Glad you're still with us.

I re-read your glorious Thanksgiving piece a couple of days back. It gets funnier with every reading.
Any chance of more weirdos at tomorrow's Thanksgiving?

Conortje said...

Have a great thanksgiving. It's just another work day here so I will be slaving away... ;-)

Medbh said...

It's another work day here but we are getting a snow storm with 15cm expected today to make it feel like the season.
I actually have to shovel the walk!

Enjoy your holiday, Sassy.