Friday, October 26, 2007

Close One

Holy shit, my nails are a ragged mess. I can’t believe we actually won that one. Curt Schilling’s politics be damned, he settled in and did some fine pitching in what might have been his last game wearing a Red Sox uniform. I heart Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon—way to pick off Holliday, Pap.

Thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury (Eddie Munster’s way cuter cousin) for winning America free tacos by stealing a base. Can I redeem mine at Taco Loco, please?

Oh, and Manuel, my Blog Friend in Belfast, you rock. Way to cheer on the Sox!


dive said...

We are indeed two peoples divided by a common language, Sassy.
I didn't understand a word of that.

Scout said...

I haven't watched a single game. I'm afraid I can't bring myself to do it. Good luck, though.

Full said...

You been on the Guinness again Sassy?

As a very enthusiastic supporter of my beloved sport of rugby, I can understand your passion and enthusiasm, so I will try to find out more about this thing you call baseball.

Go Sox!!!

Maria said...

When is baseball gonna be over?