Friday, September 21, 2007

The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Ah, how I cherish these last warm days before The End of Summer. One almost feels instant nostalgia for these last t-shirt days, when walking home after an evening out brings joy instead of the urge to flash the cabbie in order to make him stop and drive you away from the cold disaster of New England winter.

It is on one of these days that I sit here, beside an open window, tallying up the week’s Sassy Sundries (idea stolen from Boston's Weekly Dig). After I pound out this post, I’m going to forget why I’m happy, rather like my reaction after the first cold snap hits. Which should be any day now—we are all entirely too chipper in this part of the world.

Behold, the Sassy Sundries:

First things first. What the fuck is going on with the Red Sox? I mean, I know. I get it. I’ve lived here nearly all my life. I’m starting to fear that the curse was not reversed, but that instead we were allowed to finally win so that losing again would be that much more painful. I believe this and yet, like any true Sox fan, I still hope that our beloved team can pull it together and maintain their scant lead over Satan’s Minions for a few more days. Please! Minus Five

The Democrats in the Senate fail to restore Habeas Corpus rights after the Republican Senate voted
last year to suspend them for “enemy combatants.” Joe Lieberman votes with the fascists, and Susan Collins of Maine shows why she’s still with the fascist party. Minus Five

The weather has been unbelievably lovely this week. It nearly takes the sting out of events of the world. And impending winter.Plus Three

Governor Deval Patrick comes out in favor of casino gambling in Massachusetts under the delusion that casinos will solve all financial woes. It’s not casino gambling that I have a problem with, as the Commonwealth already profits from lottery and Keno (available everywhere in my less-than-well-to-do neighborhood), and at least casinos require some travel and offer other entertainment. It’s that no one has the guts to say that running the government costs money and that taxes are required to fund it and then propose a tax structure that requires everyone, including the wealthy, to pay their fair share. Minus Five

OJ Simpson is in legal trouble again. The media eats it up, hoping for another gazillion-month show trial. Snore. Minus One

Reports of blatantly racist events in Jena, Louisiana, sound like they should be from another era. They’re not. The obvious motivation behind the charges against six black students reacting to nooses hung by white students from the “white tree” after a black student dared to sit under it only serves to expose the underlying racism that still plagues this country. Minus Ten

The Senate fails to pass a measure requiring that soldiers spend as much time at home as they do in Iraq or Afghanistan. Somehow supporting such a measure was cast as “anti-troop.” Although they know they don’t have the votes to pass it, Congress is taking up another measure to limit the war in Iraq. Frustrating. Minus Five

Total Plus: 3
Total Minus: 31


Last Week’s Total: +4


dive said...

Kind of a sucky week, huh?
And here comes winter!

Medbh said...

I was dismayed to read that Jackson was saying Obama wasn't black enough. Pissed off is more like it, now that I think about it. What kind of fucked up shit is that? So he needs to speak some ebonics before he can pass for black? Or blacks aren't educated? How ignorant.

Maria said...

Ah. The Jena thing nearly broke my spirit. It really did.

OJ. Good fucking hell. Thank god he wasn't in a bronco driving somewhere.

Can't talk about baseball. I don't know anything about it.

It has gone back to summer here in Nebraska. But, it's fleeting, you know? You can feel how tentative it all is.

Andraste said...

Winter may be on its way but we do have some YUMMY fall weather between now and the first snows. Crunchy leaves, football, boots and sweaters, that lovely fireplace smell (wish I had a fireplace, but smelling it on the air from other houses is a vicarious loveliness), comfort food, and hot cider with spiced rum. Shit, fall is great!

Have a fantastic Friday, Sass. Rock on with your bad self.

Robyn said...

It's all so very complicated--the racism, resorting to casinos to fund the infrastructure, the party politics...but hey, we've got OJ. "Snore" is the right word for that story.

About Jena, I happen to think both sides are wrong. The boys should not be let off free with no consequences for their actions, but attempted murder is far too severe and far too imbalanced.

Fresh Hell said...

Train wreck of a week, eh?

I'm actually looking forward to the cold. Boots, my friend... nothing like wearing boots.

Have a rip-snorting good ol' weekend to make up for the dismal score over the past week.

Terroni said...

The Jena story makes me nauseous. Literally, felt as though I may vomit as I read about it. Where is Atticus Finch when you need him?

Elizabeth Penmark said...

Oh, Sassy, next week is a brand new week with the potential for a great new score!

Have you heard of MoveOn? Apparently there was some big deal where they ran an ad that was deemed "un American" and the Sentat was actually going to vote to "condemn" the organization. Of course they coudn't possibly have anything better to spend their time on...