Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm with the Folkie?

I don’t normally pick up Stuff@Night, the “hip” little guide to Boston nightlife (the Dig’s Media Farm usually sums it up nicely), but I grabbed the “Welcome Back” issue on Saturday en route to Chinatown after I realized that I had somehow forgotten my book.

As I perused the contents, I spotted an
article on thirty ways to shake up one’s nightlife routine. Being of the never-go-home-the-same-way-twice school of life, I decided to check it out. You can read the tips on how to get arrested and/or die of alcohol poisoning yourself, but I would like to focus on the advice for how to become a groupie for an evening.

Night 28: Become a groupie. Channel Kate Hudson and the Band-Aids in Almost Famous, then choose an up-and-coming local musician as the new object of your obsession. Arrive early to secure your front-row spot, and after the band’s set, flirt, schmooze, or buy your way backstage for a personal meet-and-greet with your new favorite. We suggest starting small at more intimate venues like the Paradise Lounge(969 Comm Ave, Boston, 617.562.8800), Johnny D’s (17 Holland Street, Somerville, 617.776.2004), or Club Passim [Ed: Click on the link] (47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, 617.492.7679); you’ll probably have more luck, and lesser-known artists will be more appreciative of your affection.
Now, I have nothing against getting up close and personal with the band. If that’s on your life-experience checklist, then go for it. As with
risqué dancing in public, however, there is a place for everything. Somehow, I suspect that a venerable folk club where nary a word is spoken during a performance and where the strongest drink you are likely to get is a very virginal raspberry lemonade is not the best place unleash your inner Pamela Des Barres.

I realize that Stuff@Night probably did not intend to send its readers to the hospital after they binged on alcohol from brunch to dawn (see Night 17), and that many of these tips were given with toungue planted firmly in cheek. With this little gem, however, I wonder if Stuff@Night had other, more sinister, plans up its sleeve. I know that I for one would certainly pay good money to see befuddled folk musicians fending off throngs of tarted-up young things determined to seduce them.

At least, I hope that Stuff@Night is filming a comedy instead of just demonstrating complete and utter cluelessness.

In other local news, tonight Andraste, Fresh Hell, and I will be meeting up for drinks. Should be a great time.


zirelda said...

Oh hey, have a great night.

My nights are at home most of the time. But we have it set up nicely. Dan is the band and dj most of the time, we have music piped into the yard and our glasses are always full.

I just don't have it in me to go out much anymore.

dive said...

Oh God, that brings back some awful memories.
How come none of them EVER looked like Kate Hudson?
How come they all looked like someone had dressed a hog as Joan Jett?
How come their idea of romance never got more sophisticated than offering a blowie in the car park?

Andraste, Fresh and Sassy on the other hand sounds like a great night out.

Robyn said...

Ew, Dive. I love the term "tarted up," Sassy.

Have fun meeting up with the blogpals.

Medbh said...

Oh, another blog meet-up.
Color me jealous.

Maria said...

I used to love to go see lesbian bands playing. I always made sure to do the eye contact thing and sometimes it paid off. I never did the dirty dancing though. I was just too much of a Hermione Granger to pull it off. I looked bookish not hookish.

And um...I NEVER offered to give anyone a little sumpin sumpin in their um...car.

But, now I am old and sitting around waiting for Bing to come home with my ice cream and we will watch Bionic Woman together.

This sounds sort of pathetic, doesn't it...?