Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Post-Move Post

Here I am. I’m not entirely certain what my name is. My bruises make me look like a junkie who has been beaten with sticks. There’s a sea of boxes waiting to be unpacked and a volcano of empty boxes spewing forth wadded-up newspaper. But I’ve escaped the Neighbors from Hell and am happily in the new place. My kitchen’s clean enough to cook in. I didn’t kill anyone (though had anyone been around while I was setting up my bed, I might have). I found my copy of Slaughterhouse Five and am rereading it. Today’s my first day back at work. I almost wrote that I was trying to do something productive, but that’s not true. I’m just trying to wait the hours out.

I did a little skiving off when I should have been unpacking and have discovered some gems around the neighborhood. The first is Taco Loco. I knew I was in for a little bit of Mexican food heaven when I listened to people ordering at this little taqueria—I was the only English-speaker there. While I need to branch out and try some new things, I have been hankering for a decent burrito for three years and ordered one up. Oh, yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy. My mind is mush, so I can’t come up with anything other to say than yummy right now.

The second gem is Vinny’s Superette. Vinny’s is famous for a little the Italian restaurant hidden in the back of the store/sub shop. I showed up in the afternoon, so the restaurant wasn’t open, but I did take a peek. Having to make do with a veggie sub (not on the menu, but delicious), I took it to a table next to a couple of WWII vets (I know this because of their hats and jackets). One of them was a fat man with his pants belted just beneath his armpits. He winked at me, and said in a gravely voice, “Well, how are you deeah?” (have to love the true Massachusetts accent). I smiled, replied, “Just fine, thanks,” and ate a pickle.

Yesterday I took the T to Harvard Square (I would have been more creative, but it was raining, and I wanted to be somewhere where I could duck into a store if it started pouring). After wandering through the fabulous old perfume shop and picking up some divine nibbles at Cardullos, I got a glass of wine at Finale and read more Slaughterhouse Five. These Abercrombie-wearing chicks seated across from me were drinking glasses of milk, and I thought about A Clockwork Orange. I looked away and went back to my book. On my ride back, I laughed out loud while reading my book. Embarrassed, I glanced up, only to find three people seated across from me nodding in approval. Vonnegut is gone. He is missed. So it goes.

The war goes on, a mentally disturbed student got his hands on a couple of guns (rather easy to do in Virginia, apparently) and murdered thirty-two people, and the Bush-packed Supreme Court just handed down quite the blow to women’s rights. I can’t think about any of that now, but I will.

That’s all for now.


Carissa said...

Oh, poor beat up Sassy. Maybe Taco Loco delivers?

Terroni said...

Congratulations on your move--those are always so much work! I, too, was a tad bruised after my last relocation.

And mmm...tacos! It all has to be worth it if you now live near good tacos.

dive said...

In at last.
Sounds like a great town, Sassy. And if you get sick of McI, you may already have found a replacement. Those guys have high waistbands for a reason … hehe.
And spookily enough, I'm re-reading Slaughterhouse Five and posted about moloko this morning …
Great to have you back.

Sassy Sundry said...

Thanks, Carissa. Add a pulled calf muscle to my woes. (Yes, everyone, I skipped ONCE, and now I can hardly walk).

Welcome, Terroni! Thank for the congratulations. Tacos are a reason to be happy.

Hey, Dive. It is a great town. I'm stuck up here for today (see comment to Carissa). I think there are millions of people rereading Vonnegut this week. It makes me feel better.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

gaijin girl said...

Yay, you did it! It's bloody stressful but so worthwhile once you've got the belongings transferred. Have fun settling in.

Robyn said...

Welcome back, Sassy. I loved Harvard Square, on my one and only visit.

It's always good to strike up a conversation with a WW2 Vet--they're dying off at a rate of 1000 a day.

Andraste said...

Welcome to the area, Sassy!

Next time you come to Harvard Square, and we can get a drink. (Or two dozen)

You can be the first person I meet through blogging...and I need new drinking buddies!

Andraste said...

Gah - didn't proofread...meant to say "give me a shout" and we'll get a drink.

Didn't mean to leave the predicate out of the sentence. I must be tired.

Sassy Sundry said...

Thanks, Gaijin Girl. I'm currently home with a pulled muscle, but I've been able to hobble around and put a few things away.

I love talking to older people, Robyn. Especially salty old men in sub shops.

Andraste, you are on. Two dozen drinks each it is.

Rich said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, you'll never be the same again.

The destination of this train is...

Full said...

Glad the move was bearable Sassy. A few bruises and a pulled muscle are worthy battle scars.

The hardest bit is choosing which drawer in the kitchen will become the crap drawer where all the evils of the universe get stored.

Old Knudsen said...

and ate a pickle.

you tease.

Sassy Sundry said...

Thanks, Rich. The destination of my train is Sullivan Square.

Thanks to you, too, Full. I wasn't so sure if the muscle was a fair price yesterday, but it's feeling better today.

Knudsen, it is my pleasure to tease you.

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