Thursday, January 04, 2007

Your Assistance Is Kindly Requested

OK, Blogpals, I need some help. It’s a new year, and my dating profile needs an update. I’m going to post some new photos (sorry, you don’t get to see them—I’ve heard too many horror stories about potential employers/other important people who recognize people from their blogs, to the detriment of the blogger) that will present an attractive visage that might surprise some of my coworkers who mostly see me as my four-eyed-untamed-hair-got-ready-in-less-than-two-minutes self. Now I realize that all most of you know about me is what I type into this thingy, but since I think this blog is as honest an expression of myself as I’ve made, you could be a good judge of my profile. In any event, that’s what I’m asking you to do.

This profile is for the decidedly more edgy of the two sites I’ve availed myself of. It’s where the hipster boys live, and it’s geared more toward dating than it is toward relationships. Before I met Ex-Boyfriend through the relationship site, I met a number of interesting lads through this site, and I’d like to do so again. Keeping in mind that I’m answering this question with an eye toward a reasonably casual dating situation, please critique, based on what you know about me through this blog.

Here is the first topic: Why you should get to know me. Here’s my new draft answer:

Should? I don’t know what you should do, and I’m not about to tell you what to do. You might want to get to know me because I’m interesting, smart, and rather funny. I’m also independent, open-minded, and a bit rebellious, and I appreciate the same in others. I’ve traveled the world a bit (with a tub of Fluff as the subject of my tourist photos), and I’d like to do it some more. My book list is long, but I’m always looking for another read. My friends say I’m easy-going and supportive. I’m a talker, but I also listen. I’m creative and love learning new things. I once took a personality quiz that said I’m the Dirty Little Secret, which I found both hilarious and strangely more appropriate than the Social Philosopher designation this site tagged me with. I don’t believe in personality tests. In my own oddball way, I have a certain mystery that some find intriguing. Perhaps you do, too.

Here’s the second topic: More about what I'm looking for. Here is my draft answer:

I enjoy people who are comfortable in their own skins and who have open and curious minds. A sense of humor and of the absurd is essential. Kindness is important to me. A sense of adventure, even and especially in the everyday, would be great. Dancing is a plus, ability not required. Hopefully you read and like to talk about what you are reading. Creativity and wisdom would knock my socks off.

OK. Critque away, please (but please be nice).


steve said...

I've met quite a few people online through dating sites, so I feel a tiny bit qualified.

To me, both of these sound pretty conservative, and better suited to the relationship site. It depends on the kind of guy you want to date, but I would guess that if you are on the dating site to have some fun meeting edgier guys, you ought to take a chance and let a little more of your wilder side show through.

dive said...

Hee hee hee … Hipster boys … That's funny.

Well, Sassy. If by the "more edgy site" you mean the kind of dating sites we have over here (sad blokes out for a shag), only the "Dirty Little Secret" would actually register.
Putting my bloke hat on, I wouldn't bother reading what you were looking for in a man, assuming that I'm God's gift to women anyway.
You sound independent, yet slightly scatty; a bit "Blue" era Joni.

Sorry to be so unhelpful but I have no experience of internet dating. I think it must be more socially acceptable in the States whereas over here it's just hordes of fat sad loser guys looking for Xena and the occasional desperate woman (think Comic Shop Guy from the Simpsons, only without the charm or the looks) …

Good luck!

Robyn said...

I'm afraid I have no experience with this stuff--well, afraid isn't the right word, I guess. But the idea of the edgey site makes me nervous, knowing what kind of creepiness you may encounter. The "Dirty Little Secret" line will reel in all kinds of interest. But I'm sure you can take care of yourself.

I think I agree with Steve, though. Your paragraphs seem so thoughtful and relationship oriented--somebody looking for edgy doesn't care what kind of books you read, and certainly doesn't want to talk about them. Just a guess. Again, I'm unhelpful here.

It makes me wonder if you really want to troll here, if maybe you're subconsciously sabotaging by showing what a smart, unique, interesting, and valuable person you are.

all that psycho babble aside, I think you should post a photo of your work self--untamed hair and all.

Sassy Sundry said...

This is what I'm talking about. Thank you.

I might not have been clear enough about the "edgy" part. This isn't a total "shag" site; people do actually have successful relationships start here. However, it is more for fun. Robyn, last year I went out with four or five guys from this site, and none of them were creepy.

I think I'm worried about coming across as sounding too... I don't know. I definitely have a wild streak, but I do like to be respected for being a person. Funny, I thought that I would be chastised for being too flirty. Guess I have to get a bit more flirty.

Will revise. Perhaps I'll stick this one up on the relationship site, and I'll wind up with lads a little bit more like the ones I'd like to meet.

dive said...

You're too flirty, Sassy.

Carissa said...

I like what you have. I think the dirty little secret thrown into the middle of your description gives an "I'm not so much your straight-laced bookworm afterall" punch but I think your description is pretty good.

I would be careful about being too flirty mostly because I think it might encourage people to forget things like....that you have a brain or are intelligent. Or too much flirtiness may attract less inteligent men. And really? Is that what you want?

I personally think you need an intelligent man.....even if it's just a fun, dating, non-serious relationship.

Sassy Sundry said...

Dive, you ain't seen nothing.

Carissa, since you actually know me, I'm listening to you.

I'll work on it, but I have to say I'm really missing the days when people just met people without resumes.

dive said...

Hee hee.

Sassy Sundry said...

Twitter, twitter.

dive said...

Guffaw Guffaw …
I have no idea what twitter twitter means Sassy but it just cracked me up …

Sassy Sundry said...

Think of it as a coquettish giggle.

Glad it made you guffaw. Guffawing is fun.

aimee said...

I have a few friends who have done the internet dating thing with varying experiences. I think that you will get less responses but that is a good thing- your descriptions are honest, funny, clever..and interesting, I'm sure they will dictate the responses you get will be quality rather than quantity- you should definitely post them & good luck.

Sassy Sundry said...

Thanks, Aimee!