Thursday, January 18, 2007


I had a post up about a crazy proposal we received today, but upon reflection, I decided that it was too mean. Upon reflection, I actually feel terrible that I was laughing at the poor guy. Funny (and more than a bit scary) though it may have been, it’s not his fault that he thinks the way he thinks. So, it’s down. Apologies to anyone who saw it.

This is been a week of reconnecting with people. Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with two old coworkers. Then I had dinner with one of my best friends. She lives in Portland, about two hours from here, so we don’t see each other all that often. We met up in Portsmouth, our halfway point.

While wandering around in the freezing cold trying to find a place to eat, we walked past a café, and I saw an old, dear friend who I haven’t seen for nearly three years. She’s gone through a lot in those years. Although nothing happened between us, I was not sure she would want to see me. I almost kept going, but I walked in the café instead. I said her name, and when she looked up, she had the widest smile. We chatted, exchanged phone numbers, and we’re going to keep in touch. I’ve really missed her, so it feels great.

And today I heard from someone I’d been thinking about a lot lately. Things are a bit complicated, but I’ve also really missed her. She’s a good friend. She wants me to knit her some mittens. I think I’ll do it.

So good things are happening.


Chris Cope said...

My bloglines thingy allowed me to read that post, and I have to say it wasn't mean at all. I will also say that I am upset you won't be publishing my book. But I understand. Your mind is being controlled by the Post Office. Repent.

dive said...

That's a lovely story, Sassy. Warm things happening in cold weather.

Though I'm a bit miffed I missed your "mean" post. That sounds fun.

Coincidentally, mittens came up in Japanese class last night. The Japanese word for them (tebukuro) means "hand bag", hee hee.
Another coincidence concerning you in the comments to Robyn's last post.
Add to that your coincidental connection with your old friend.

Looks like connections are going to be this year's black.

Old Knudsen said...

How could you be mean?

I thought for a moment it was all about me and the proposals I've been making to you (our little secret) but you think about them and no I don't mind if someone else watches, but not Dive.

Kieran said...

Was that my proposal?
Did I propose marriage?
I'm doing it all the time these days when drunk.
Sooner or later I'll snare one.

Robyn said...

I am sorry I missed the "mean" post. Back in the day, when I worked in the office with real humans, we often had a snicker over book proposals. It is amazing what people will put down on paper and send off to a publisher--I say sheepishly as a hopeful author.

Anyway, it's comforting to meet up with old friends, a continuity of sorts. I have lost so many friends here--they keep moving away to other states. I have very few old friends anymore, so you're lucky.

james said...

Sas - i read the previous post and laughed my ass off. In fact, i even printed it off and read it to my house church during service last night. We all laughed our asses off. So if it means that you're mean . . . i guess we all are as well.

I have a further question related to the post, but would rather not ask it here. I assume you're coming in to work today?

Sassy Sundry said...

Welcome, Chris Cope. Thank you for absolving me, at least for the mean part. It was really funny, but I felt horrible about making fun of the insane and powerless. Making fun of W, on the other hand, is something I will never apologize for.

Dive, I love coincidences. Well, I love happy coincidences. I shall wear black and enjoy them.

Knudsen, I am rather mean sometimes. And snarky. Unfortunately I also have a guilty conscience. I'd never feel guilty about your proposals.

Kieran, I wasn't talking about your marriage proposals (you've done that a few times). Best of luck with your drunken search.

Robyn and James, you both pretty much know what I'm talking about. You also know that sometimes the only way to get through a day is to laugh at those proposals. Still, making fun of the insane and powerless on my blog seemed like a cheap shot to me. James, I will be in.

Carissa said...

Sad. I wanted to read your post. *sniff*

All that to say...Cheers to good things happening!

Before Girl said...

That's weird. I had a dream about an ex-friend last night.

Dive-so what's Japanese for "handbag" as in a bag or purse? I always snicker when I hear the french word for airbag-like in a car: "une sac gonflable." (oon sack gon-FLAB-la.)

I can't believe I missed the mean post. I want to read it now! There has to be a way...

Neal said...

Reconnecting with old friends is like finding a new friend that you already know...ok, that was came off sounding like one of those inspirational posters you see in buisness offices.

dive said...

Okay, BG; you had to ask …
The Japanese didn't really go in for handbags until the Occupation, so they just borrowed the English word "handbag".
But as you can't make those sounds in katakana, it comes out as "hando baggu".

RICH said...

hey sass, this post has been a bit of an inpiration to me. As I need to do a little "reconnecting" myself. I have been isolating like a bear for the winter.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear good things are happening for you.

TTYL (for dive's sake)

Sassy Sundry said...

Carissa and Before Girl, I might be able to hook you up.

Welcome, Neal. Sometimes inspirational works. To temper it, visit often.

Dive and Before Girl, there are some really funny translations in the world, aren't there?

Rich, I hear you. I enjoy my hibernation, but it's been great to see and hear from people.

Steven Novak said...

Can I get some mittens also?

Please? ;)


Dear Prudence said...

Sassy we all at times snicker at things it is those who do not have a concience that are "mean". You know me, I am typically too kind but on occassion I do find myself giggling inside about mean stuff. Then I correct myself and leave it there.
New attitudes of the positive sort bring positive outcomes in so many areas. Keep up the good work!