Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well, shockingly enough, all is nice and quiet here this evening. I don’t know what my landlord said to those people, but I haven’t heard boo from them since I got home. I’m sitting here, listening (quietly, of course) to the early BBC recordings of Jacqueline du Pré, having just finished Jennifer Egan’s The Keep (can’t recommend it—had some promise, but crossed the International Cheese Line). I made some delicious soup earlier this evening while listening to Nick Drake’s first album (also quietly). My floor didn’t shake; no one yelled. In short, I am feeling much, much better. If I can get through tomorrow morning without having my bed go all Exorcist on me, I’ll consider the problem dealt with.

Also, I am once again a citizen of the wonderful world of online dating. One site I was on hadn't deleted my profile when I cancelled my account, so that was easy enough to do. The other required me to fill out another questionnaire. That activity, alas, took up my writing juices for this evening.

Because I’m feeling guilty for all this self-absorbed drivel I’ve been writing lately, I’ll leave you all with this. In two weeks’ time, we should know if this country is worth the effort to try to save it or not. Oh please, oh please, oh please.


Anonymous said...

Morning, Sassy.
Glad to hear you had a quiet evening.

As to whether your potentially wonderful country stays neofascist or goes all wishy-washy (whay isn't there a sane option?), there's actually a fair amount of excitement about it over here, for once.
US politics is usually relegated to a late night BBC2 spot, but the feeling is growing that, should the Republicans get a pasting, Bliar (sic) might jump early.

And now you've got a black guy as well as a woman in the running for the wishy-washy party. That can only be good news.

Keep me informed. The news here is still pretty sketchy and you're about the only politically sane voice I know over there.

Robyn said...

Sassy, that's such great news. I really hope you don't have to be the one to move--stake your claim.

Wishy-washy is a good term--I watched a CNN report last night about the conservative end of the democratic party and disjointed the party is. Barak Obama may just be the savior.

I think it was Will Rogers who said, "I don't belong to any organized party. I'm a democrat."

Anonymous said...

He also produced the most concise biography of George Bush ever written:

"A fool and his money are soon elected."

Sassy Sundry said...

Ahh... Can you hear that? It's just normal traffic noise and the sounds of people living in a building. No THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP of a bass system playing bad music.

Dive, sounds like good news might be going around. Let's hope that the PM will jump ship with the demise of the dems. Obama just might be an answer to our wishy-washiness. I don't have the same hopes for Clinton---she's compromised too much.

Robyn, I couldn't agree more. What I've been wanting to write about but have been too preoccupied to do it right is a little piece on idealism and compromise. As much as I would really like to see a party like the Greens become a viable political force, I cannot support them again until the neocons are finished.

In scary news, Karl Rove's still saying that the Republicans will win. Since I'm convinced he's Lucifer himself, this worries me.

Anonymous said...

Comedy news:
The Republicans have sent Ollie North back down to Nicaragua because it looks like a centre left government might be legitimately elected and we can't have that, can we? That smacks of democracy!

There were lots of funny interviews with mid-westerners on last night's Channel 4 News. Most of them didn't seem to know or care about politics at all, except for wondering "Who would Jesus bomb?"
One guy, however, threw a shrieking fit about how America "is the world's policeman" and that we should all be grateful for what Bush is doing for the planet. I wish I could remember his exact words, but they were along the lines of "if them Arabs don't want democracy, then we'll have to force it on 'em".
A definition of 'democracy' the US has long used in Central and South America, and now spreads worldwide.
Alas for sanity …

November 7 awaits. Have fun.

Before Girl said...

There is no one candidate that I can fully back. Each one has at least one really crazy thought that makes it hard for me to say, "Yes, I will vote for you." I almost don't want to vote. After your post, and Dr J's post today, it's all too depressing for me. This country is all about religion and forcing other people to follow a single party's reasoning (religious or not), America is a bully whom no one likes, and yoiu can't get the truth, anywhere.

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