Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It’s a Strange, Strange World: Tidbits from Today

Ripped from the Headlines

I Got Cher's Stuff, Babe
Well, turn back time! You can bid on Cher’s stuff. Sequins, feathers, fishnets, everything. Can you just imagine the cat fights that are going to break out at that auction? Wonder if she’ll be selling the stuff from the “Half Breed” video.

But I Didn’t Hit Any Goats, Officer
You can go one hundred miles per hour, just so long as you don’t hit any goats. At least this Swiss guy thought so.

The Best Spam Subject Line Ever

I received a spam e-mail today with the following subject line: “That said, Ponyets, was a planet suddenly a cigar.” Couple of things here. First, I’ll be calling my friends “Ponyets.” The moniker reminds me of My Pretty Ponies. This makes me happy, in some sick and twisted way. Second, I think they’ve stumbled on the way to deal with Pluto. A planet suddenly becomes a cigar. Perfect! I can see the abstract art now. Ceci n’est pas un planet.

Incidentally, Sunday's Boston Globe had an apology from one of the members of the plutopooping committee responsible for demoting Pluto. His apology doesn’t do squat for my useless diorama.


james said...

no shit. if mercury's a planet, so is pluto.

bunch of freakin' astroracists they are.

Sassy Sundry said...

There have been protests about this. I've been thinking about joining one.

Nice word... "astroracists." Dig it.